A User Manual for Success

I am a student, I am a college student, I am going back to college … and …

I can’t get myself to study, I have to prepare for an exam so I am anxious and stuck, time is running out, I understand in class but fail my exams, I don’t know how to extract issues from a situation, I have to write my year-end paper and yet I procrastinate, I listen but remember nothing, I don’t understand math (math is a foreign language to me), I don’t know how to organize my ideas, I have no clue what I will do next year, I need to prepare for oral tests, I can’t see the link between the lab experiments for physics and the classes… The list is long and could be even longer!

Many points of view and actions exist on how to attack all these hurdles. At Made In Study, we believe it is essential to clearly understand your needs and expectations as well as your projects.

Academic Coaching [Executive Functions Coaching] will meet your needs of efficiency, motivation, and stress management.

Methodologies will help you  acquire specific skills: how to organize your work, to get the most from a class or a conference, to efficiently read documents and follow instructions, to study various subjects (math, physics, french)?

Orientation is the cornerstone of academic studies. Learning how to know oneself today and for tomorrow, searching for the perfect balance between one’s desires, skills and possible academic paths require thorough support.

Of course, these three types of support can be found in all chosen paths. At Made In Study, our philosophy is to make sure that you are the master of your success.


We have chosen to conduct our sessions by video-conference in order to make our services available to all.
Wherever you may be, you can build your path to success

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